The top 9 things to do if it rains on your wedding day

Nov 25, 2020

First of all don’t panic, rain doesn’t mean the wedding is ruined. You can’t control the weather but you can decide to roll wth it. There are plenty of ways to adjust or add to the day to still make it a special and magical day.

Also the more fun candid shots are from when weddings that weren’t quite as planned, and there are many ways that rainy weather actually can enhance your wedding photography.

Be prepared though, here are some items that can help you to stay dry and still look fabulous:


There are a ton of options for umbrellas for weddings, and pick one that suits you as a couple.

You can go colourful, either choosing a colour from your wedding theme, or bright bold umbrella to stand out.

Go white, there are some really lovely white umbrellas, and see throw ones that don’t stand out so much. Even ask your celebrant or photographer is they have any umbrellas in their kit for such occasions.

Boots/wellies/gumboots/galoshes, what ever they are called in your country.

You can still wear your heels if you have an indoor reception, but boots will keep you from sinking into the ground and your feet warm, dry and mud free when you are outside.

Again there is a huge choice of boot options. You can go posh with Hunters, bright with yellow boots, or there are even sparkly ones!

Protect the dress.

If you are wearing a long dress bring a plastic or other sheet to stand on for photos, so your dress doesn’t absorb a lot of water and get muddy.

Wear an underskirt, petty coat, to protect the bottom from getting stained, as it lifts the hem slightly off the ground. It won’t stop all staining and the hem can still absorb water, but it will help.

Another option is to spray the hem with a waterproof spray, or get a professional to do it. As there are factors to think about with spraying a dress, with what fabric it’s made of and the technic needed.

Towel, tissues

To dry yourself, and tidy any make up issues, or even running noses.

Make up

Waterproof your make-up, and get someone to carry make up for you, to top up during the day.

Bring a warm layer

With rain can bring other weather to like colder temperatures and wind, plus is you do get a bit damp that can make you colder too.

Be prepared to adjust your timeline

If the rainy weather is only going to be short lived, or intermittent. Being flexible means you can take advantage of any breaks in the weather.

Alternative options for photography locations

Your photographer will have a bunch of alternative options up their sleeve, but it is good to talk through those options.

Like moving part of the photos indoors if possible.

Adjusting the time for the location shoot to find a break in the weather.

Using flash to create a dramatic effect

Making the most of interesting outdoor features like bridges, pergolas which will shelter you from the rain.

Using reflections in the water can create beautiful images.

Enjoy your big day!

Most importantly SMILE! and enjoy the day, remember what the day is all about, it’s not about the weather, it’s about celebrating the love between you and your partner.