How to pose for your wedding photos

Jun 25, 2020

Wedding poses

How not to look awkward in your Wedding photos! Learning how to pose at your wedding will give you more confidence on the day. And it will help you get stunning images of the two of you on your wedding day. Here are some handy techniques for wedding poses to help you get for magical images to cherish forever.

These tips will tell you how to pose for wedding photos that are natural and capture the moment.

Have a practice day

Consider an engagement shoot, chances are you haven’t had a professional photoshoot with your partner, and it can be intimidating.

This is a great way to get to know your photographer and feel more comfortable about the whole process.

Check out my Engagement portfolio for practice day ideas


If you feel awkward it will most probably show, try and relax and enjoy this one-on-one moment with your partner.

Relaxing your body and your face will give you a natural smile and pose.

Don’t slouch

Stand up tall, think long neck and shoulders down. If your a natural sloucher you might need to reset your shoulders a few times, think shoulders back and down.

Let your smile reach your eyes

Enjoy the moment, this is your wedding day let your happiness shine through. A smile that doesn’t reach your eyes looks forced and fake.

Put a sparkle in your eyes, if you aren’t a naturally smiler a twinkle in the eyes will come across.

Smile naturally

Don’t try to hold it for too long. Reminisce with your partner about some funny moments, or say something funny to lighten the mood for both of you.

If you are both feeling awkward about it, make lit of it! You can even trow in a funny face or two to make your partner smile and yourself.

Keep your head up

Even when walking down the aisle, before and after, don’t look at your feet and keep your chin up.

Keep your neck long and this will also help stop a double chin.

Don’t try not to blink

It happens! And you don’t want to have watery eyes and look like a scared rabbit. Your photographer will take a few shots at one moment, and a blink only happens for a fraction of the time.

Think about your arms.

Don’t hold them flat against your body, hold them slightly out. This will make your arms look slender rather than squashed out against you.

Have a laugh!

It relaxes your body and face, and and lights up your eyes. But also you want to enjoy your day, you want to look back with good memories.

If you feel awkward about looking in the camera look at your partner instead, share a moment and try and be yourself.