How to make your Wedding personal and unique to you

Jul 23, 2020

There are loads of ways to add personal touches to your own unique wedding. To make your big day feel like it represents you both, and shows your character.


Colour Theme

Obviously the colour theme of your wedding is a great way of putting forward part of your personality, whether you’re a vibrant pink person, or loves an elegant black. Even if you want the whole rainbow! Express yourself with colour on your day.

Dress / Suit

Whether you are wearing a suit or a dress, the style you choose will portray who you are. Wear something that makes you feel special, and that you feel comfortable wearing. You don’t want to wear something that you don’t feel is you. Make sure you don’t let others talk you out of wearing something that breaks tradition, or what they feel you should wear.

If you don’t want to wear white don’t ! Coloured wedding dresses are becoming more popular and look stunning. White doesn’t suit everyone so express yourself with colour in your dress or suit.


Your shoes may or may not be seen, if you never wear heels then maybe don’t wear heels for your wedding. You will feel uncomfortable, and you will probably take them off sooner rather than later. And for you men, again if you really don’t feel comfortable in dress shoes look for alternatives. Maybe not your old dirty trainers, but a new pair of smart flip flops or clean those trainers.

Best Person

These are modern times and Groom’s might have best friends who are woman, and Bride’s might have a male best friend. So ditch the traditional Bride’s maid of honour and Groom’s Best man, and how about a Best Person.


Bouquets can be big, small, traditional, modern, or a corsage. The choice of flower(s) is very personal, you might love a rose or prefer a sunflower. Choose your favourite flowers to add personality to your day.

And not forgetting your Bride’s maids, why not let their uniqueness shine through too. How about tailoring their bouquet to them, a different flower for each of them that represent them. You could even reflect their star signs. Check out this link to flowers and zodiac signs


Whoever is wearing the buttonhole, whether it’s yourself or your partner. That person should ultimately have a say in what they like. If you are both wearing buttonholes they can be different, showing both your personalities. And if flowers aren’t your thing maybe a button hole of leaves will suit you better, or a decorative pin instead.


Cufflinks come in all shapes and designs, there really is cufflinks about everything, even dinosaurs! This is a subtle way to add a bit of personality to your day,


If you love a pair of fun socks then go ahead and wear them on your wedding day. But if not, then you can wear coloured socks in your wedding colour theme. Again this is a subtle way to add a bit or personality to your own unique wedding.


You can add personality to the cake topper if you want a more traditional cake. Or you can add personality to the cake itself. Which could be the colour of the cake, the design, or even not be a cake at all! It could be made out of cheese, or profiteroles.


If you are have wedding guests at your wedding, you can ask for song requests with their RSVP’s to play at the reception. But even if you are eloping you can ask for song requests, to play during your ceremony from close loved ones to make it feel special.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas in how to make your wedding unique and special to you both.