Four Reasons To Choose The Heritage Queenstown For Your Wedding Day

Feb 1, 2019

It’s no secret that The Heritage Queenstown and I go way back. I’ve been rocking up at this Queenstown institution with camera gear in tow for years now. In that time, I’ve taken hundreds (probably thousands) of wedding photos, and witnessed countless couples say “I do”. And it’s no surprise why it continues to be such a popular venue.

After all these years, you’d think I’d be growing tired of The Heritage; on the hunt for something shiny and new instead.

Far from it!

What makes The Heritage a winning Queenstown wedding venue?  A quick Google search will give you the rundown on all the technical details of what the property offers. But from my perspective (as the guy with the camera) there is something that The Heritage Queenstown offers, that can’t be conveyed through table seat layouts and canapé menus.

I have photographed weddings of all sizes and styles at The Heritage, and what everyone loves about the place is how well it captures the essence of Queenstown. The setting is oozing with those world-famous lake and mountain views, that every Queenstown visitor wants to capture.


The Heritage is a top wedding venue in Queenstown. And here are a few reasons why it ticks the boxes for anyone looking for breathtaking wedding photography.

Far from the madding crowd

As much as you may try to convince yourself otherwise, the stress levels will be on the rise as the wedding day approaches. One thing that won’t help the nerves is the hustle and bustle of downtown Queenstown. And if you’ve visited Queenstown lately, you’ll know what I’m talking about. With those ridiculously spectacular lake views as well as world-class shopping and dining, things get a little, ah, busy.

The Heritage is just far enough away from the wonderful madness of Queenstown that there is tranquillity without feeling left out. With the property’s hilltop location on Fernhill Road offers the same striking views as downtown, but it all comes at a slower pace. Rejuvenating hikes through Fernhill, Sunshine Bay and Ben Lomond Scenic Reserve are on your doorstep.

You’ll have much-needed space to relax, breathe and mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming event. You can spend your time gazing out at the sparkling beauty of Lake Wakatipu, flanked by the glacier-scarred Cecil and Walter Peaks. It is this wild and spectacular vista that is at the heart of a real Queenstown experience. And it’s what will ensure you arrive at your wedding feeling invigorated and connected.

Making the most of what it’s got

If you’re looking for a ceremony location with a “pretty good backdrop”, then the Rooftop Terrace at The Heritage Queenstown will deliver. In fact, I think your search is over.

From the open roof terrace, you have unobstructed views of The Remarkables, Lake Wakatipu and then further afield to Cecil Peak, Walter Peak and … well, I could go on and on. In every direction from the rooftop terrace, you’re going to cop an eyeful of the very best Queenstown has to offer. The only downside to this is that your guests can get a little distracted by the dazzling display of Mother Nature. So, you know, make sure you dress to impress.

When in the mountains…

The design of The Heritage Queenstown is a welcome departure from the standardised aesthetic often found in big brand hotels. Instead, The Heritage’s architecture embraces its alpine setting. Schist and cedar cladding feature on the building’s façade and its high-pitched, shingle roof offers a European ski lodge style. Let me tell you, there is nothing more romantic than walking into the foyer on a cold day, to be greeted by the crackle of the open fire.

Whether you’re using the stunning views or the stunning building as a backdrop, you’re going to come away with something to cherish. For me the real beauty of wedding photography, is when the image not only captures that magic moment, but also captures the essence of where that magic moment happened.

But wait, there’s more

When the ceremony is over and it’s time to move on to the reception for dinner, dancing and one too many speeches, you can take the view with you. The Heritage’s Icon Room is an impressive reception room thanks to the stunning floor to ceiling windows. You don’t have to lose the views when it’s time to come inside.

I have seen the look on guests’ faces when they enter the room and I can assure you this room creates a sense of something special, a real event.

This is what it’s all about

Recently I caught up with one of my wedding couples to go over final details, before they were due to get married at The Heritage. They had arrived at the hotel a few days prior and they greeted me looking refreshed, excited and happy. They’d spent their time at the property enjoying the pool, the restaurant, bar and the local walks. Also they ere able to immerse themselves in the scenery and the atmosphere of Queenstown’s natural landscapes. And this is what your special day should be about. Embracing nature and taking time out to focus on where you are and why you are there. I highly recommend that where ever you stay for your wedding, your choose a place that gives you the ability to do this.

And in case you’re wondering, their wedding photos ended up looking amazing. Check them out below.

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