About 222 Photographic Studios

Who We Are

I’m Dan, and I’m a lucky kind of a guy! Here in Queenstown, I’m surrounded by pretty much the best backdrop a photographer could wish for. This scenery seems to amplify life, moments of love, appreciation and beauty are more powerful and profound, and it’s my honour to capture events is this beautiful region.


The Photographer

Dan Childs

I was born in the land of didgeridoos and koala’s but have lived here in Queenstown, New Zealand since 2005. Where I have brought up 2 free range children with my lovely wife. I am a keen Bee keeper and also like hooning around the local trials on my e-bike.

Most people say I’m easy-going, and it’s true not much ruffles me. I have more than 10 years’ photography experience under my belt, and in that time, there aren’t many places ‘round here that I haven’t helicoptered or hiked. I’m like your free-range, organic photographer, I like to let things unfold naturally. I’ll give people space to relax, breathe and let their guard down. It’s how those beautiful candid moments we all love can shine through. Without breaking the spell, I capture these moments of honesty.

If you like letters after a name, then I can give you MNZIPP (Master of Photography, New Zealand Institute of Photography) and Qualified Portrait Photographer NZIPP. I’ve also got a lot of R.E.S.P.E.C.T for my beautiful wife and children who allow me to pursue my passion in life.

The Office Manager

Tamsin Browne

The Office & Business Development Manager for Dan Childs, basically whipping him into gear, and giving him more time to do what he’s passionate about, the photography!

I work from the Studio at the Hilton which is a stunning location to spend my day. My favourite part of my job is going through all your amazing photos, seeing all the love and laughter and special close moments that were captured, it brightens my day.

Born & Raised in England and fell in love with Queenstown 10 years ago. I spend most of my free time being active, so QT suits me to a T! You might spot me swimming in the Wakatipu or running along the many beautiful trails here as I train for Ironman triathlons.

I have known Dan pretty much since the beginning of being here, he’s easy going, relaxed and super nice!